OneTouch diabetes accessories

We offer a complete line of products to complement your OneTouch® meter – test strips, control solution, lancets and lancing devices, and diabetes management software – to support blood glucose testing.

  • OneTouch® Diabetes Data Management Software. Download it here, free.
  • Lancing Devices – blood samplers offering flexibility for testing.
  • Lancets – minimise pain with our OneTouch® and FinePoint® Lancets.
  • Control Solution – Make sure your system is working properly with the control solution.
  • OneTouch® Interface Cable – to use OneTouch® Software or other diabetes management software, you’ll need an Interface Cable. Get the cable free from our Customer Care team. Call OneTouch Customer Care 0800 121 200 (UK) or 1800 535 676 (ROI)
  • OneTouch® Meter and USB cable driver – if you are using OneTouch® Data Management Software (OTDMS) v2.3.2 or older and/or OTDMS Pro v3.1 to v4, you will need the OneTouch® meter driver to connect and download data from your meter to your computer through a OneTouch® Interface USB cable (or a standard USB cable if you are using OneTouch®  Verio®IQ or a micro USB cable OneTouch® Verio®). You can download the software driver for OneTouch®  Meters and OneTouch® Interface USB cable. The OneTouch® USB interface Cable is compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.