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The NEW OneTouch Verio® 

New standards for blood glucose meters will come into effect in 2016. OneTouch Verio® already complies two years ahead of this deadline, so why wait for an upgrade? It a unique opportunity to simplify your testing, with new features for fast and easy access to accurate information.

OneTouch Verio® gives you more information* at a glance. No need to scroll or push buttons.

Simply test as you do now, and get useful information on an easy-to-read, high-resolution display – with no extra effort. In tests, nine out of ten people found it easy to use and makes results simple to understand**. 

Range indicator
A colour-coded indicator system automatically tells you if you are high (red), low (blue) or in range (green). The OneTouch Verio® makes it simple to understand your results, and gives you more confidence in managing your blood glucose, whether that’s with activity, food choices or insulin dosing.

Progress notes
The OneTouch Verio® looks for signs of progress by reviewing past results, and lets you know how you’re doing with automatic on-screen messages. When your results have consistently been in range or you are back in range after high results, achievement message will acknowledge your hard work.

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Useful Information

  • Easy Connection to your PC - Connect your OneTouch Verio®meter to your PC with a USB cable.
  • OTDMS - Want to download results to your PC? Click here to learn more about OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software.
  • User Guide - Questions about your meter? Click here to download the owner's manual. 


The low and high range limits you set apply to all glucose test results. This includes tests taken before or after mealtimes, medications, and around any other activities that may affect your blood glucose. Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about the low and high limits that are right for you.

Subject to eligibility.

*More than just a number
**Study conducted in 2012 in the UK and the U.S. with 102 diabetes patients. LifeScan, Data on file.

Actual meter size 2.52cm x 5.18cm x 8.00cm


Any Question? Get in touch by email at customercare@lifescan.co.uk or call our Customercare number: 0800 1691622 (UK) or 1800 535676 (Ireland).