OneTouch® owner's booklets

LifeScan is pleased to offer LifeScan Blood Glucose Meter Owner's Booklets online. To view PDF files, you must have the latest version of Adobe® Reader®. Once you have downloaded the reader (your browser may already have a built-in reader), link to the Owner's Booklet PDF file of your choice. You will be able to navigate, view and print LifeScan Owner's Booklets.
For other package inserts please contact OneTouch® Customer Care.

Customer Information

Please note that LifeScan UK and Ireland no longer supply OneTouch® Ultra®, PocketScan®, OneTouch® Basic™, OneTouch® Profile™ or OneTouch® II meters. However, we are continuing to ensure the wide availability of test strips and control solution for use with these meters.

Further information on these or any other LifeScan blood glucose monitoring system can be obtained by contacting our Customer Care team on 0800 121200 from the UK or 1800 535676 from Ireland.

OneTouch Verio®

OneTouch Verio® Owner's Booklet 
(AW 06799701B; Posted: 02/12/2014; File size: 2.41 Mb)

OneTouch Verio®IQ

OneTouch Verio®IQ Owner's Booklet
(AW 06904701B; Posted: 10/02/2016; File size: 5.26 Mb)

OneTouch Select®Plus

OneTouch Select® Plus Owner's Booklet 
(AW 06916601C; Posted: 17/10/2016; File size: 6.6 Mb)

OneTouch Verio Flex

OneTouch Verio Flex Owner's Booklet 
(AW 06922602A; Posted: 02/2017; File size: 4.9 Mb)

OneTouch UltraEasy®

OneTouch UltraEasy® User Guide
(AW 06629404A; Posted: 19/10/2017; File size: 1.97 Mb)

Meters no longer supplied

OneTouch® Vita®

OneTouch® Vita® Owner's Booklet
(AW 06607903B; Posted: 19/10/2015; File size: 3 Mb)

OneTouch® Ultra®2

OneTouch® Ultra®2 User Guide
(AW 06647703A; Posted: 17/10/2017; File size: 1.51 Mb)