Register Your OneTouch

Here’s what you’re missing out on

These days everyone wants your details, so we’d understand your reluctance about signing up to yet another ‘community’. The thing is, if you’ve registered your meter with Your OneTouch® it’s so much easier for us to support you.

For example, if anything happens to your meter and you need a replacement we can get one out to you straight away. No fuss. And it won’t cost you anything either.

Registering also helps our technical team. If you contact us with any problems or questions about your meter the person you speak to will be able to see what kind of meter you have, how long you’ve had it and whether you’re using the latest version of our software. 1 This information helps us provide a speedy and effective resolution to any issues you encounter.

Simple things like being able to send you important updates about the products and support available to you and news of breakthroughs and innovations that could radically improve life – we can only tell you about them if you’ve registered.

As a member of Your OneTouch® you’ll also be able to help us – and millions of other people living with diabetes – by giving valuable feedback about our products and what’s working (or not working) for you.

There are a couple of questions you’ll need to answer but signing up will take just a few minutes. You can join right now by following this link.


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